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5 Questions to Ask Your Prospective Retirement Community

Posted by Molly Kavanaugh on Feb 2, 2015 10:09:02 AM

Resdient-in-Oberlin-Art-StudioThis day and age has spawned the smartest consumers we’ve seen yet. Information on virtually anything has become so accessible that people are arming themselves with expert knowledge prior to any purchase. With searches like “iPhone 6” & “Samsung Galaxy S5” topping Google search trends, we’re sure you’ll do your due diligence in the case of choosing a retirement community.

In this instance, it’s more like buying a new car. You wouldn’t drive to the dealership and drop $30,000 for any old Prius without familiarizing yourself with the vehicle. Visiting retirement communities is just the first step; asking the right questions comes next.

Prepare a list of questions before you go, and make sure you don’t omit anything. Each person will have a few personal points that pique his/her curiosity. The worst time to think of a question is after you’ve made a financial commitment. We have a few pointers to get the wheels turning and generate a healthy thought process for you.

5 Questions to Ask Your Prospective Community

1. Is there resident involvement?

Remember, this will be your community and a home in which you have invested a good portion of your life’s savings. What kind of input will you have in the community?

2. Are pets welcome?

You wouldn’t consider leaving a member of your family behind. A pet should not have to endure that either. After all, this is your new home.

3. What wellness amenities are available?

As independent, healthy adults, we all wish to maintain those qualities. How will your new home aid you in that effort? A variety of fitness opportunities is the best way to keep us interested. The more activities offered, the more likely you’ll stay motivated and challenged.

4. Is the community financially stable?

Like any business, retirement communities occasionally undergo bankruptcy. The last thing you need as a resident is to be caught up in a debacle of that proportion. Do they have enough residents to operate a viable business? Ask about occupancy levels and waiting lists and get a feel for the revenue generated. Then consider the management. What kind of experience is there? Who comprises the board of directors? Ask for a financial disclosure statement, if it’s available.

5. If/when healthcare is needed, what kind of access is there?

Many communities offer both independent and assisted living, but what about the whole gamut of services? Kendal at Oberlin also has skilled nursing and short term rehabilitation available if needed. Licensed home health care is available on campus as well. We strive to offer high quality care and coordinated services if the need should arise.

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