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Langston-DiningWhen selecting a retirement living community, one consideration to research is the dining options. You need to think about what kinds of foods they offer and if they fit your lifestyle.

Eating is not just about acquiring the necessary nutrition to sustain life. In a senior living community, it can and should be a social and very enjoyable part of your day. Throughout your visits you may have found that some retirement communities offer limited choices as far as meals, as well as the setting in which they’re consumed.

How independent can a living situation really be if you’re told what to eat, where to eat and when to eat it? At Kendal, we strive to give residents the options they desire. Our dining services team aims to provide an enjoyable experience for both residents and guests.


1. Flexible Dining Options

Very few of us are always eating a similar meal at the same time every day. Why should you do that after moving to a retirement living community? Be sure to ask about the flexibility of mealtimes, snacks and convenience foods.

2. Credits for Meals When You’re Away

Many residents enjoy opportunities to travel. Does the community you are exploring offer a meal credit for extended vacations? What about shorter trips? While you’re on visitations, check the arrangements offered.

3. Attractive Dining Venues 

People look for more than multiple venues. Residents want fun, entertaining places to dine. Whether you want to dine with friends  in the Fox and Fell dining area for dinner or Sunday brunch, host a special event in a private dining room or enjoy a more casual experience at the Langston, Kendal at Oberlin strives to accommodate. Guests are always welcome.

4. Vegan/Vegetarian Options 

You may notice that many senior living communities are not providing dietary options for vegans or vegetarians. These aren’t just fads in our nation’s youth; many maturing adults are adopting this lifestyle and many communities aren’t providing the regular options. Does the community’s menu fit your healthy lifestyle?

5. Is There a Dietitian and a Professional Chef on Staff?

Dietitians are experts on human nutrition and designing meals to meet the needs of older adults who strive to maintain a healthy diet. Together with a dietitian, a professional chef can create tasty and nutritional meals to fuel your active lifestyle.

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