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Is the Retirement Community’s Philosophy Important to You?

Posted by Molly Kavanaugh on Feb 26, 2015 8:30:00 AM

senior-reading-in-libraryIf you’ve been out and about visiting retirement communities, you’ve probably noticed each has its own feel and one may vary drastically from the next. The culture of a community is determined primarily by the philosophy of the community and the principles upon which it was established. The Kendal System has developed a philosophy of being focused on individual needs within our vibrant, diverse communities.

Not all retirement communities are created equally. Unfortunately, in some communities the assumption that all residents are treated with dignity and respect is not always true. It’s important that you take the time to learn the philosophy of your prospective community and ask the residents if the staff is adhering to those principles.

Quaker Values at its Core

At the heart of Kendal at Oberlin are the beliefs of the Religious Society of Friends (“Quakers” or “Friends,” as they are typically known). In many ways, Friends focus on seeing the very best in every person. This untraditional approach to spiritualism inspires a uniqueness at Quaker-related communities that is seldom found elsewhere.

The Religious Society of Friends is one of the most accepting religious organizations. Diversity is valued in all areas. They strive for diversity and encourage people who feel moved to express themselves openly. As a religion that avoids creeds, Friends contend that it is not beliefs that make one “Quaker,” but rather participating in the community and seeking divine guidance.

Diversity is a Core Value

Kendal communities provide rich and varied inspirations. People are welcomed  to live in the community regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Diversity is a core value. Individuals are just that and should be treated as such with respect and compassion.

Friends set out to foster a culture of generosity. Ethical standards and integrity are in everything Kendal does. That includes residents, volunteers and employees alike. To put it simply, our philosophy revolves around efforts to be accepting, diverse, welcoming and encouraging to every member of the community.

Quaker Roots

The Kendal System respects their Quaker roots. This in turn has propelled Kendal at Oberlin to be vibrant, thriving community it is today. The residents, volunteers and employees are enjoying happiness and growth because of the philosophy we have implemented. The greater community is a better place with Kendal at Oberlin working to make positive changes for everyone to enjoy.

We know it is one thing to write a blog post about your philosophy and another to live by it. We invite you to Kendal at Oberlin to experience for yourself how our philosophy has sustained us as a leader in progress and a voice on healthy, vibrant aging.

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