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Kendal at Oberlin Blog

Feel Better with Meditation and Mindfulness

Staying Fit while Socially Distant

Coping with Anxiety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The SECURE Act: Tax Planning for 2020

Residents and College Students Connect in Oberlin

Why Should Downsizing be Called Rightsizing?

When is the Best Time to Move to a Retirement Community?

MoneyGauge Helps You Decide if Kendal is an Affordable Option

5 Financial Questions to Ask About a Life Plan Community

Oberlin College Students Study Intergenerational Programs at Kendal

Tax Considerations for Older Adults Filing in 2020

What’s New at Kendal at Oberlin?

How We Knew: Three Residents Share Their Journeys to Kendal

How We Celebrate the Holidays at Kendal at Oberlin

What are Kendal at Oberlin Residents Reading?

Oberlin-Area Holiday Events

What Makes Healthy Families Tick? Kendal Resident Has the Answer.

Giving Thanks for Kendal at Oberlin Volunteers

Creative Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Beyond Pumpkin: Favorite Fall Recipes to Try

The Middle Market: What It Is and How It Could Affect Your Retirement

Your 2019 Ohio Fall Foliage Guide

Downsizing to a Smaller Home: Getting Started

Benefits of Life at a CCRC for Single Retirees

Explore These Financial Resources From Kendal at Oberlin

Outer Space and Presidents: The Best Historical Sites in Ohio

Older Adult Diet Guidelines

Start Gaining the Benefits of Lifelong Learning Today

Downsizing Tales: Maggie and Molly Downsize and Move

Celebrating 20 Years of the Oberlin Farmers Market

Resources to Help You Navigate the Grieving Process

Re-Imagining Dementia: Kendal at Oberlin Strives for Change

Music Matters at Kendal

Your Guide to Summer Fun in Oberlin, Ohio

An Eclectic Art Collection at Kendal Collects 2019

50 Years Ago: A Burning River Ignites the Environmental Movement

A New Guidebook to Cleveland's Thriving Restaurant Scene

Kendal at Oberlin Celebrates Pride Week

Celebrating Our Fathers

Kendal is the Place for Avid Art Volunteers

America's Treasured Places: Our National Parks

You're Needed: The Powerful Benefits of Volunteering

Celebrating Our Mothers

Intergenerational Relationships Flourish in the Dining Room

Captivating Books About Older Adults

An Important Decision: Picking a Retirement Community

Kendal Volunteers: The Kendalight

Is Kendal at Oberlin a Good Financial Fit for You?

National Nutrition Month: Nutritional Eating Tips for Older Adults

Decluttering and Downsizing

Kendal Residents Still Actively Engaged in their Careers

Wellness Programs at Kendal at Oberlin

Volunteer Opportunities in Oberlin

Meditation Benefits for Older Adults

Heart Healthy Exercises

Meet Three of Kendal's Lifelong Learners - And See How You Can Get Involved

Romantic Dinners

A Healthy New Year

Winter Regional Travel

2018 Tax Changes and Older Adults

Romantic Getaways

Eating Healthy During the Holidays

Remarkable Memoirs Published in 2018

Aging and Self Reflection

Holiday Scams

Baby Boomers and Aging

Downsizing Tips: Where to Donate Your Belongings

Winter Travel in Northern Ohio

How Does Music Benefit Brain Health?

Book Lovers: Must-Read Books Published in 2018

10 Steps to a Healthy and Happy Brain

Dementia Advocacy at Kendal

Kendal’s 25th Anniversary: A Year-long Celebration

How is Kendal a Resident-Driven Community?

Meatless Mondays: Why Go Meatless? And Why on Monday?

Top 5 Financial Questions to Ask a Prospective Life Plan Community

Downtown Cleveland Activities Perfect for Groups

Top 3 Spots to Paddle in Northeast Ohio

Oberlin’s Rich History of Diversity

Memory Enhancement Course

LGBT and Aging

4 Ohio Day Trips Perfect for Summer

14th Annual Fun Fitness Week

Kendal Creates Part 3

Kendal Creates Part 2

Kendal Creates

25 & Proud

Kendal Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

Walk or Run for a Healthy Heart

Oberlin College Reunion

Dementia Education

Kendal at Oberlin Celebrates National Volunteer Week

Plan Your Day Trip to Oberlin

Women’s Movement: Looking Back, Moving Forward

Benefits of Mindfulness for Healthy Aging

Oberlin: A Great Place to Visit or Call Home

Beyond the Tax Deduction: Why and How to Support Favorite Charities

Second Generation Kendal Residents

Resident Story: Gordon and Barbara Evans

Resident Story – Dennis and Judy Cook

Eating for a Healthy Mind and Body

Oberlin College is a Great Neighbor

College Podcast Project Highlights Kendal

Good Reads: Latest Books on Aging

Emotional Intimacy is Important at Every Age

Intergenerational Programs Benefit Older Adults

Kendal Community Renovation Update

Myths about Sexuality and Aging

Boomer Celebs and Other Prominent Figures Talk Sexuality

Diet Goals for 2018: A Fresh Start

Taxes and Older Adults

Vitalize 360

Retired Episcopal Priest Talks About Dementia

Resident Story – Don and Joyce Parker

What Tax Documents to Save

Jameson House Opens

Plan Your Future: Living Options for Boomers

Self-Improvement Trends

What’s App? Travel Apps for Boomers

The Grandest Gifts for Your Grandkids

5 Healthy Ways to Start the New Year

Last-Minute Personal Finance Tips

Multi-Cultural Diversity during the Holidays

Water Tai Chi

Healthy Drinks for Over Age 50

Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor about a CCRC

Check Your Charity Before You Give

Holiday Activities in and around Oberlin

Diet Considerations for a Healthy MIND

Why Kendal Residents Cultivate a Gratitude Attitude

Where Can You Afford to Live after Retirement?

How to Talk to My Adult Children about Downsizing

Sean Kelly Shares His Vision of Kendal’s Future

Midwest Winter Getaways

Manage Your Charitable Giving throughout the Year

Post-Retirement Work Trends

Making End-of-Life Decisions

Circuit Training for Older Adults

Enjoy the Season with Fall Activities

Appreciating Generational Differences

Spark Joy During Downsizing and Decluttering

Roadmap to Residency at Kendal at Oberlin

4 Diet Changes to Consider as You Grow Older

Why Choose a Community that Values Diversity?

Holistic Travel Ideas

Ars Moriendi Introduces Students to Lessons of Aging

Did You Sell Your House in 2017?

5 Things You’ll See While Visiting Kendal

Holistic Approach to Living

Holistic Lifestyle: Massage and Reiki

Farm Fresh: Shop at Your Local Farmers’ Markets

Holistic Lifestyle: 3 Practices, 3 Exercises

Friends of All Ages are Good for Your Health

The Care and Nurturing of an Arboretum

Natural Remedies for Allergies

Kendal Spells! Boosts Resident Spelling Skills

Sustainable Diet for a Holistic Lifestyle

Podcast or Paper? Summer Reading

Adventure Travel

Kendal Collects: Part 4 - Memories

You Know You’re From Kendal at Oberlin When…

Strength Training: No Equipment Needed

Kendal Collects – Part 3: A Mother’s Love

Professional Help Makes Downsizing Easier

Why Join the Kendal at Oberlin Priority List?

Why I Love Working at Kendal at Oberlin

Hidden Costs of Downsizing

Kendal Collects, Part 2

Restaurants Worth the Trip Near Kendal at Oberlin

Kendal Collects Art Show

Kendal Residents Reflect on Gay Rights Issues

Does Longevity Mean Multiple Moves After Retirement?

Planning Your Financial Future

Walking for Health: A Step in the Right Direction

Mental Health Month: Risky Business

Kendal’s Community Garden

Age Out Loud

Stop Hypertension with the DASH Diet

Holistic Medicine – an Overview

Downsizing: Much Ado About Stuff

Your Nose Knows: The Benefits of Aromatherapy

Volunteering is Good for You

Will You Live to 100?

4 Myths about Growing Older

Ways to Record Your Memories

Down and Dirty of Downsizing

The Hidden Epidemic Among Older Adults

Telemedicine: Convenience and Cost Savings

Is a Continuing Care Retirement Community for You?

Ways to Reduce the Risk of Dementia

Kendal at Oberlin: Defying Attitudes about Aging

Strategies to Deal with Chronic Illness

Does Hollywood See Us Through An Ageist Lens?

Pros & Cons of Vacationing with Your Friends

Best Diets for Older Adults

Kendal Residents Express Creativity

What’s the Deal About Gluten?

Farewell to Oberlin College President Marvin Krislov

Tax Terms You Might Not Know, But Maybe Should

Eat Well for a Healthy Heart

Inspire Your Heart with Art

Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisor at Tax Season

Love and Friendship Grow at Kendal

Life Events with Tax Consequences for Older Adults

The Benefits of a Healthy Breakfast

Kendal People Support the Women’s March

Mindfulness and Meditation Improve Brain Health

What Documents Should I Keep?

2016: Final Year for Special Senior Tax Deductions

Focus on Sustainability at Kendal

Good Reads: Should You Choose Paper or Electronic?

New Year’s Resolutions for Boomers

2016 Yields Strategic Plan for Kendal at Oberlin

Start the New Year with a Fitness Plan

Good Reads: Best Spiritual Books

Improve Your Life by Stretching

Life Enriching Travel

Exercise Ideas to Relax the Mind

Protect Yourself from Computer Hacking

4 Midwest Travel Destinations You Might Not Know Exist

Money Safety Tips When You Travel

Why Visit the Midwest?

4 Gift Giving Ideas for Older Adults

Taking Your Exercise Routine to the Next Level

Keep Fitness in Mind through the Holidays

Balance Basics for Fall Prevention

Reduce Stress This Holiday Season with These Helpful Tips

Smart Tips for Charity Giving This Holiday Season

Dance Your Way to Better Physical and Mental Health

Why an RV Could be the Best Option for Your Next Adventure

“Out of the Box” Fitness Activities

Start a New Chapter: Benefits of Book Clubs

Exercising with Your Younger Friends

The Why and How of Travel

Healthy Eating Habits You Need to Start

8 Benefits of Strength Training That Will Get You Motivated

Must Know Tips When Traveling Abroad

iPhone Tips and Tricks

Coping with Death in the Workplace

Intergenerational Programs Thrive in Oberlin

Where is the Best Place to “Age in Place?"

A Fast Look at Slow Medicine


Retiring to a College Town

Benefits of Intergenerational Relationships

Cultivating a Positive State of Mind

Kendal at Oberlin Early Learning Center Showcase

Let’s Eat, in Three Languages

A Vacation for All Ages

Voting Trends of Older Adults

Preventing Fraud – Telephone Scams Involving Older Adults

4 Things to Remember When Relocating

What is a Geriatrician? What are the Benefits?

Lake Erie: What a Great Lake!

Cleveland Shines as it Rises to the Occasion for the RNC

Summertime Intergenerational Activities

Safety Tips for Summer Bicycling

Transportation Concerns for Older Adults

All About TED Talks

Intergenerational Travels

A Good Read

Intergenerational Food Programs Create Healthy Bodies and Minds

Natural Resources in NE Ohio - Parks

Skin Care Tips for Older Adults

Dance All Your Life to Stay Active

Surrounding Yourself with Things That Spark Joy

Find Tasty Foods at Local Farmers' Markets

Pet-Friendly Oberlin

Elder Fraud: Phone Scams

Tips to Make Air Travel Easier

A Labor of Love: Kendal’s Courtyard Garden

Fun Fitness Week at Kendal

Celebrate Pride

Summer Fun in a College Town

Apps for Absolutely Everything

Downsizing: Been There, Done That

Downsizing: Family Heirlooms & Mementos

4 Great Tips for Tidying Up Your Home

One Pet…Or More?

Kendal Residents’ Four-Legged Friends

Downsizing: Moving Forward with Joy

Healing Power of Pets

Simply Scrumptious Healthy Snacks

Hidden Benefits of Downsizing

Legal Tips for Dog Owners

How to Start Your Second Career

Maintaining Calm While You Downsize

Kendal is Grounded in Quaker Values

Why Downsizing Should be Called Right-sizing

How to Use Your Furniture Effectively

Educational Travel with Oberlin College

Say Goodbye to “Junk”

Stay Connected with Social Media

Physical Benefits of Owning a Pet

Creative Outlets in Your Retirement Community

Social Benefits of Owning a Pet

A Day to Make Life and Death Decisions

Cholesterol: The Good, Bad and Awful

How to Heal a Grieving Heart

Why Oberlin College is a Great Neighbor

March is National Nutrition Month so Savor the Flavor!

Eating Right: It’s Not Just About the Food

The Importance of Having a Plan for the Future

Young at Heart: Why Intergenerational Relationships are Good for the Soul

Kendal at Oberlin is Home: A Family Affair

5 Questions to Ask Before Joining a Life Plan Retirement Community

Why Consider an Entry Fee Contract

Know these Symptoms of Heart Disease

Try These Foods to Keep Your Heart Healthy

What Tax Documents to Save

Show Your Heart Some Love!

Key Indicators of a Financially Healthy Life Plan Community

Reduce Heart Disease by taking these 4 Steps

Can Your Valentine's Day Chocolate Prevent Heart Disease?

10 Tips to Choose the Best Retirement Community for You

Top 4 Financial Questions to Ask a Prospective Retirement Community

A Travel Perk for Kendal Residents

What Are The Best Foods For Healthy Aging?

When is the Best Time to Move to a Retirement Community?

Costs for a Continuing Care or Life Plan Community

Charitable Contributions Can Benefit You Too

Oberlin, A Great Place to Call Home

4 Tax Benefits for People Age 65 or Older

What You Need to Know if You Sold Your Home in 2015

Are You Looking for a Creative Outlet?

3 Health Measurements that Affect the Heart

The Benefits of Being Around Animals

Stressbusters: How Do You Relax?

3 Tips for Safe Online Holiday Buying

Gifts for You: Take Some Time to Pamper Yourself

4 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

Gifts Ideas to Show Our Gratitude

Heartfelt Gift Ideas That Will Leave a Memory

Great Ideas and Opportunities to Donate This Holiday Season

Memorable Gift Ideas for Children

Sometimes the Best Gifts Don’t Come from a Store

Gifts for People Who (Think) They Have Everything

Why a “Gratitude Attitude” should be Year-Round

Healthy Aging: Take a Hike on Black Friday

Great Gift Ideas for Older Adults

3 Ways to Embrace Lifelong Learning

Holiday Activities in the Oberlin Area for You and Your Family

How Kendal at Oberlin Residents Enhance Their Emotional Health

Is Exercise the Key to Staying Social as You Get Older?

Intergenerational Friendships Benefit Everyone

The Healing Effects of Music

An "Old" Blogger: Frances Kolarek, Shares Advice and Laughter

6 Tips for Selecting a Skilled Nursing Center

Find the Best PT, OT, & Speech Therapy for Older Adults

4 Things to Consider When a Loved One Needs Care Support

What is Assisted Living and How Do I Know if It’s Right for Me?

How it Works: Short-Term Rehab at Kendal at Oberlin

Recovery at Home with Home Health

Transitioning from One Type of Care to Another

How to Select a Home Care Agency

When Extra Care is Needed for Older Adults

The Benefit of Creative Arts Therapy

The Importance of Planning for the Future

Vegetarian Diet: Healthy and Easy

Healing Waters: A Key to Faster Recovery

Improving Balance Can Prevent Falls

Vaccines and Shots: Not Just for Children

Why Write Your Own Obituary

5 Boomer Trends: Where do we plan to live?

Kendal Resident Bob Cothran: Painting on a Grand Scale

Body, Mind & Spirit! Fitness at Kendal at Oberlin

Oberlin Creative Writing Group

Online Resources for Lifelong Learning

Educational Travel with Oberlin College

Making the Transition to Community Living

Keep Driving Safely with New Technology

The Social Benefits of Lifelong Learning

Service Learning: Join the Peace Corps!

Now Is an Excellent Time to Learn a New Language

Learning Vacations: Road Scholar and Elderhostel

Favorite Places in Oberlin: The Ginko Gallery

Spirituality Adds Balance in Retirement

Intergenerational Programs Benefit Young and Old

A Conversation on Aging with All Ages

Favorite Places in Oberlin: The Allen Memorial Art Museum

The Environmental Impact Older Adults Can Make

The Healthiest Veggies to Add to Your Diet

Summer is Here! It’s Time to Get Outside in Northeast Ohio

A Resident Story: Meet Robert Taylor

Kendal at Oberlin: A Resident-Driven Community

Natural and Organic: Is it Better?

Retirement Is the Time to Do What You Love

Quaker Values Shape Services for Older Adults

Oberlin College and Town Welcomes Older Adults

For the Love of Culture

Check Out Your Local Library

Planning and Setting Your Goals in Retirement

Visit Your Local Farmers’ Market

Small Towns Appeal to Many Retirees

New Art Studio Provides Bright Space for Creativity

6 Tips to Keep Your Diet Healthy

How Many Times Will You Relocate After Retirement?

Why You Need to Consider Transportation When Planning for Retirement

Volunteering at Kendal and in the Greater Community

A New Fitness Center Keeps Residents Motivated

Reinventing Yourself - Starting a Second Career after Retirement

Single Older Adults Due to Divorce or Loss

4 Benefits of Volunteering

Kendal at Oberlin—An Artist’s Paradise

Keeping Your Wallet Healthy This Travel Season

Lifelong Benefits of Joining a Book Club for Older Adults

The Retirement Community of Today

Want to Stay in Your Own Home? Come to Kendal at Oberlin

3 Apps to Exercise your Brain

3 Social Media Channels to Explore

4 Benefits to Intergenerational Living

Why Modest Daily Sun Exposure is Healthy

The Benefits of Living with Purpose

Keeping a Healthy Mind with Lifelong Learning

How Pets Benefit Older Adults

5 Super Fruits for Good Health

Benefits of Staying Social as You Get Older

4 Benefits of a Vegan Diet

How to Keep Your Skin Healthy in the Cold Months

5 Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Make Snacking Healthy

7 Low Impact Exercises to Improve Your Quality of Life

3 Ways to Continue Learning in Retirement

Is the Retirement Community’s Philosophy Important to You?

Relocating to Kendal at Oberlin is a Great Beginning

What is a “Resident-Driven” Community?

Does Food Matter When Choosing a Retirement Living Community?

When Life Gives You Lemons: Use Them!

6 Great Community Involvement Activities You Don’t Want to Miss

What Top Fitness Amenities Fit Your Lifestyle?

Are You Looking for Creative Outlets in a Retirement Community?

When Do You Begin to Look for a Retirement Community?

5 Questions to Ask Your Prospective Retirement Community

Forget the Diet Soda: Alternative Drinks to Stay Healthy Over Age 50

Taking A Look at Kendal’s Values: Administrating

Understanding Kendal Values: A Look at Serving

Why Older Adults Should Implement Water Exercise

Want to Stay Healthy After 50? Drink More Water!

The Importance of Staying Social As You Age

6 Apps Every Senior Should Have

5 Ways Social Media Can Benefit Older Adults

Increase Your Iron Intake with These 5 Foods

Take a Look at Kendal Values: Sharing

5 Unexpected Foods to Feed the Brain

Stay Healthy With Correct Portion Sizes

Have You Started Thinking About Long-Term Care? Maybe You should NOW!

4 Healthy Ways to Start the New Year

Terms to Know if You’re New to Social Media

3 Changes Affecting Your Diet As You Age